YouTuber Brings Personal Fitness Coaching Direct To Homes

YouTuber brings personal fitness coaching direct to homes

YouTuber Brings Personal Fitness Coaching Direct To Homes

Improving health and fitness is becoming a top priority for Brits but busy working lives means many struggle to fit it in.

Personal trainer Marc Dressen aims to make exercise more accessible and enjoyable by transferring the skills he uses as a professional fitness coach to an online setting, reaching a wider audience and bringing his expertise directly into people’s homes.

The fitness industry has continued to grow in the UK in 2016, with 1 in every 7 Brits being a member of a gym, an all time high. Figures show that the low-cost market in particular is experiencing growth, accounting for 32% of private sector membership, and consumers are placing value on the flexibility 24/7 gyms offer. Through offering free online fitness videos that consumers can view at a time that suits them, Dressen’s goal is to inspire more people to focus on health and fitness.

Marc Dressen, online personal trainer and fitness vlogger, said, “Health and fitness is important and I want to help more people achieve their goals. Many YouTube fitness professionals tend to focus on their own image rather than providing actual value to the people following them. I want to change this and interact and connect with my audience in the moment, bringing the advantages of a personal trainer directly into their homes.”

Dressen’s first unique workout challenge will begin on 12th September 2016, during the challenge he will workout simultaneously with followers, providing tips, updates and motivation through vlogs. The challenge will run for 30 days and instructional videos aimed at helping each individual create a tailored workout and diet plan will be uploaded beforehand. Over 160 people have already chosen to get involved and join the challenge.

With 20 years’ experience in sports coaching, Dressen is well placed to offer support and advice to those wanting to improve their fitness. Since transitioning from a personal coach to using an online medium he has received over 1.6 million YouTube channel views and has over 14,800 subscribers.

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Marc Dressen is a successful, professional personal trainer in London and posts educational and entertaining fitness content on his YouTube channel. Marc is now focused on reaching a wider fitness audience online. He studied an undergraduate degree in Sport Science and post graduate master’s degree at the elite German Sports University in Cologne, Germany.


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