Is it Time to Ditch the Detox Teas?

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Is it Time to Ditch the Detox Teas?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to browse Instagram in between periods of reading Marc Dressen blog posts, then you’ve probably seen countless beautiful women using the social media channel as a way to advertise the virtues of “detox” teas.

Many people seem to adore detox teas not just for their taste, but for the fact that they claim to look and feel better after following a detox regimen for just a couple of weeks. There are plenty of celebrity endorsements out there to confuse you too, combining with the claims from everyday folk that say they’ve used tea to lose dozens of pounds in just a few months.

It’s no surprise that with all of this hype, detox teas are more popular than they’ve ever been. Thanks to the promise of looking great, losing fat, and feeling better, these drinks have seduced the hearts and minds of countless fitness enthusiasts.

But what’s the truth behind these apparent weight-loss teas, and what should you believe?

Here’s the deal…

Detox teas are pretty much in the camp of things that are just too good to be true. There’s far more to the detox story than you might think, and here we’re going to show you why, although you can lose weight using detox teas, you probably shouldn’t. If you’re looking for a results-driven solution to a slimmer stomach, there are much easier, and more beneficial methods out there to consider.

Before you start teatoxing, make sure that you read this article.

What’s in a Tea Detox?

Most of the detoxing teas that you’ll find on the market today are made up of a blend of various different green and herbal teas, like oolong, yerba mate, and more. Some teas will also include apparent superfoods like ginseng and goji berries for an extra kick.

In simple terms, these teas are basic combinations of leaves and fruits that don’t cost much to produce and leave companies with a ton of money to spend on their marketing campaigns. That’s why it’s so common to see celebrities extolling all the virtues of these products.

The truth is, as appealing as a weight-loss tea might seem, the success stories that you generally see online are mostly fake. With a little bit of photoshop and some creative storytelling, you can make up all the testimonials you like. However, that’s not to say that these teas can’t help you to lose any weight. Rather, this article is more about focusing on the fact that there are better options out there.

The Problem with Using Detox Tea to Lose Weight

You probably already know by now that it’s entirely possible to lose weight by reducing your calories heavily and drinking a lot of water-rich tea instead. However, what’s driving the weight loss isn’t the magic stuff in the tea that you’re drinking, it’s simply the fact that you’re using more energy than you consume.

If you go back across countless studies, you’ll find that every piece of research conducted into weight loss over the last 100 years confirms that meaningful weight loss requires the amount of energy we use to exceed the amount of energy we take in. There’s no secret formula here – it’s just the facts.

Ultimately, it’s this simple fact that’s what makes “teatoxing” so effective for weight loss. When you take part in a tea detox program, you swap your regular intake of calories for a menu that’s severely lower in calories. You’re not consuming any solid foods, so you can rest assured that your body will start to use your fat reserves for energy.

If you reduce your caloric intake drastically – regardless of whether you’re drinking tea or not, you’ll quickly discover that your stomach starts to shrink. In other words, the detox tea diet that we’ve been seeing throughout the media today is nothing more than a starvation diet that claims to give you better health.

Unfortunately, starving yourself just isn’t good for your health. A starvation diet leads to a range of significant problems, including muscle loss, the “skinny fat” look, more cravings, hunger, and mood swings. Additionally, as is the case with most low-calorie dieting, most of the weight that you’ll lose initially is water weight, and you’ll regain it all when you start eating properly again.

One other key element to point out is that many of these teas also contain laxatives. While those laxatives may accelerate your weight loss, they’ll also cause problems by impairing your body’s ability to absorb crucial nutrients, causing dehydration, electrolyte depletion and more.

Ultimately, weight loss teas or detox teas are nothing more than weight-loss gimmicks designed to offer short-term gratification for your weight loss needs, with no regard for long-term health.

The Better Way to Lose Fat Quickly

If you want a better solution for meeting your fat loss goals quickly, then the answer is simple. All you need to do is eat less food, and do more work, and the pounds will start to fall off. Just remember, that if you focus entirely on cardio, you might not end up with the results that you want.

Although your scales will make you feel a lot better about yourself, your mirror might disagree. Although you won’t look as big as you did before, you’ll look more “skinny fat”, which isn’t what you want. The standard approach to starving yourself free of excess weight simply doesn’t work. It burns muscle just as much as it burns fat – and that’s a really bad thing.

Instead of aiming to lose weight, make sure that you focus on losing just fat – not muscle. The best way to do that is to follow these simple steps:

  • Use a powerful calorie deficit
  • Eat a diet that’s high in protein
  • Do plenty of heavy compound lifting
  • Use HIIT to burn more fat
  • Consider using supplements.

The Final Thoughts on Detox Tea

Ultimately, detox teas have become incredibly popular over the years as people love to believe in anything that claims it can give them the body they want with as little hard work as possible. However, the truth is that detoxing with tea won’t make you lose weight for any reason beyond the fact that it causes you to starve yourself.

It’s time to ditch detox teas for good – they’re nothing more than an unhealthy scam. However, the good news is that there are ways for you to lose weight healthily, quickly, and safely. All you need to do is follow the advice above.

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