Stubborn Weight: How To Lose Belly Fat

Stubborn Weight: How to Lose Belly Fat

There’s a good reason why some of the fat cells in your body are less likely to burn than others. Unfortunately, as any online fitness coach will tell you – the most stubborn fat cells generally accumulate in your hips, thighs, and stomach – leaving you wondering how to lose belly fat fast.

The fat in your body contains two types of catecholamine receptors. These are receptors are known as alpha and beta receptors. The bottom line is that alpha receptors hinder lipolysis (fat burning), while beta-receptors trigger it. In other words, fat that has a lot of beta receptors is much easier to get rid of than fat brimming with alpha receptors. Belly fat is more stubborn because it contains more alpha-receptors than beta.

You Can Get Rid of Belly Fat

It’s important to remember that if you struggle with belly fat, you’re not some genetically cursed individuals who has to do constant special exercises to regain control of your waistline. The truth is that your hormones are probably fine and you shouldn’t have to give up on carbs just to fit into your favourite jeans. Unfortunately, you could be following all the rules of having a tiny tummy, and you may still struggle with extra pounds around your mid-section. This is all simply because the fat in your stomach is different to the fat elsewhere.

Fortunately, however, no matter what your hormones or genetics might indicate, you can have the stomach you’ve always wanted – all you need to do is figure out how to lose belly fat effectively. It’s simpler than you might thing too, all you need to do is reduce your overall body fat percentage.

So, how can you do this? Let’s look at 5 key steps.

1.     Find a Moderately Aggressive Calorie Deficit

When you’re dieting to lose fat, you should be also searching for ways to preserve your health and muscle. A small calorie deficit will yield slower results than a large calorie deficit, but larger deficits also place a risk on your muscle. Fortunately, if you eat enough protein and stick to a regular weightlifting regimen to help drive your fat loss, then you should be able to maintain a 25% calorie deficit to maximise fat loss and reduce your chances of muscle loss.

2.     Use Fasted Training

If you’ve ever tried to learn how to lose belly fat before, then you’ve probably read about the benefits of exercising with an empty stomach. Training when you haven’t eaten is a great way to increase the amount of fat your body burns. In fact, research shows that fasted training helps to increase both fat oxidation and lipolysis rates. On top of that, blood flow around the abdominal region is improved when training in a fasted state – helping to burn fat quicker.

3.     Try High-Intensity Cardio

HIIT is a type of exercise wherein you alternate between periods of low-intensity recovery, and all-out intensity. The idea is to push yourself as hard as possible during high-intensity bouts, and give yourself a chance to catch your breath during the low intensity moments. The bottom line of this strategy is that HIIT is far more effective than low-intensity cardio. Research tells us that HIIT:

  • Decreases your post-exercise appetite
  • Spikes your catecholamine levels
  • Elevates growth hormone levels
  • Increases your muscle ability to burn fat
  • Helps to improve insulin sensitivity
  • Boost your metabolic rate for around 24 hours

4.     Lift Heavy Weights

Compound weight listing is a fantastic way to build muscle and reduce fat. This solution helps you to preserve your strength when you’re working in a calorie deficit, and also dramatically increases your basal metabolic rate for days after your workout. Research even shows that heavy weightlifting can result in burning hundreds more calories than workouts that use lighter weights.

5.     Take Supplements

Importantly, supplements aren’t the ultimate answer to fat loss, but they can help to boost your diet and exercise routine significantly. For example, caffeine can help you to lose weight by increasing the amount of energy you burn throughout the day, while promoting muscle endurance, improving strength, and enhancing anaerobic performance. Additionally, Yohimbine can accelerate fat loss by helping to reduce the activity of alpha-receptors in fat cells.

How to Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat doesn’t have to be a magic trick. Using the tips outlined in this article, you should be able to achieve the body of your dreams in no time!


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