Steps For Banishing Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Steps for Banishing Excess Skin After Weight Loss

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If you’ve spent months on various weight loss programs, figuring out how to reduce belly fat, then you may be disappointed to find that at the end of all of your hard work – the results are covered by handfuls of loose skin. Excess skin can be the bane of people seeking ways to obtain significant weight loss, but there are steps that you may be able to take to reduce the problem.

Following, we’ll provide an insight into the truth about excess or loose skin, and what you need to do to tighten up this remaining shroud, so you can show off your brand new body.

Loose Skin Isn’t Always the Problem

With the help of personal training, London athletes can overcome a multitude of weight loss issues. However, the first step is determining what the problem actually is. While there are plenty of legitimate cases of excess skin after weight loss – what many people assume to be excess or loose skin is actually just excess body fat – which is regularly mistaken for skin.

A good way to analyze what you’re dealing with is to pinch the problem area – if you can grab more than a couple of millimeters of skin – you’ve got more fat to lose. This means that your skin won’t change until you’ve gotten rid of the additional fat.

Whatever you do, remember that surgery should only be considered after some serious evaluation. Most experts recommend ignoring the idea of surgery to manage loose skin until you’re at 10% body fat as a man, or 20% as a woman. The reason for this is that these are the body-fat ranges in which your subcutaneous levels are low enough to assess the state of your skin properly. Often, getting leaner will be enough to solve the problem.

Reducing Excess Skin and Building Muscle

A large factor in tightening up excess skin can be building muscle – which is why many weight loss programs involve some strength training. Underneath the skin, your body has two layers of tissue – muscle and fat. These layers press against the skin and stop it from sagging. When you gain a lot of weight – your skin has to expand to accommodate, but when you lose that fat, your skin might not shrink as quickly as your fat cells – leading to loose skin.

Building muscle can be the perfect solution to this problem, because it helps to fill in the looseness around the skin – creating a healthier and more tone appearance. Many experts recommend lifting weights whether you’re starting a weight loss regimen from scratch, or simply trying to manage the issue of loose skin.

Improving Elasticity in Skin

Another problem to consider is part of your weight loss programs – is how you’re going to maintain skin elasticity as you lose weight. When your skin loses elasticity, it can’t shrink and expand as required – leading to sagging. Fortunately, there are many ways you can tackle this problem, from adjusting your lifestyle habits, to changing your diet.

Stop Smoking

The first step is to stop smoking – as this habit can ruin your skin. Research from the International Association of Ecologic Dermatology found that the skin of their 64 female participants (all smokers), was biologically nine years older than their actual age. 9 months without smoking lead to a reduction in biological skin age of approximately 13 years. In other words – you need to cigarettes if you want healthy, tight skin.

Eat More Protein

Plenty of studies show a connection between skin health and protein. Low protein dieting is often associated with poor skin health, while high-protein dieting reduces dryness, wrinkles, and skin atrophy.

Stock up On Fruits and Vegetables

If you’ve ever spoken to a personal trainer in London, then you should already know that your body needs plenty of minerals and vitamins to carry out the various biological processes responsible for keeping you healthy and happy. Eating several vegetables and fruits per day is a great way to get everything your body needs.

Try Supplements

Finally, if you’re struggling to tighten your skin yourself, consider turning to supplementation. For instance, a study conducted by Stanford University scientists found that supplements of 250 mg of gelatin per day lead to better skin elasticity. What’s more, fish oil can help to improve the health and tightness of skin in as little as three months.

Understanding Weight Loss and Loose Skin

Some people find that it’s impossible to totally get rid of loose skin without surgery. However, before you go under the knife, remember the following tips:

  • Your body fat should be 10% for men, and 20% for women
  • You can build muscle to fill the space created by fat loss
  • Smoking makes the situation worse
  • Protein, vegetables, and fruit can all help
  • Use supplements if you can

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