The Simple Solution For Maintaining Strength And Muscle

The Simple Solution for Maintaining Strength and Muscle

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Did you know that it’s possible to gain, and maintain your muscle and strength without forcing yourself to visit the gym every day? The secret isn’t something that’s closely guarded by your personal trainer in London, or your online fitness coach – it’s something that’s much simpler than you might think.

The truth is that many of us have the positive intention of maintaining strength, but life can quickly get in the way and throw some difficult curve balls. From vacations, to complex periods of stress at your job, you might find yourself missing out on the meal prep that you’d grown used to, or failing to find the time for regular reps at your local health club.

Fortunately, even if your routine starts to struggle, these tips could help you maintain strength and muscle with just one or two workouts a week.

The Truth about Staying in Shape

The important thing to know about staying in shape – is that it’s much easier than actually getting into great shape to begin with. Although training up to 6 times a week might be the best way to get your gains on point, you don’t need to work nearly as hard when you’re trying to protect your muscle. In simple terms, once you’ve established the body that you want, you can limit your workouts significantly. It’s all about knowing how to make the most out of the time you have.

The truth is that the frequency and length of your workouts aren’t really what matter. What matters is the type of exercise you do when you actually get a chance. Instead of forcing yourself to do 54 sets a week, you can make your muscles bigger and stronger by forcing yourself to work hard with compound exercises and muscle-maintenance workouts. Here, we’re going to show you what a muscle maintenance workout should look like – depending on whether you have time for one, or two a week.

Muscle Maintenance Twice a Week

If you only have time for two workouts a week, then it’s safe to say you can’t afford to be frivolous with your energy or time. Instead, you need to focus on exercises that are going to recruit the most significant amounts of muscle, including bench presses, deadlifts, squats, and more. Here’s a quick and simple routine to follow:

  1. Barbell Incline bench press – Warm up for three sets of four to six reps
  2. Barbell Row – Three sets of eight to ten reps
  3. One-arm row with dumbbell – three sets of about eight to ten reps
  4. Back barbell squat – warm up for three sets of four to six reps
  5. Deadlifts – three sets of four to six reps
  6. Lying hamstring curl – two sets of eight to ten reps
  7. Leg press – two sets of eight to ten reps

Try to give yourself a three-minute rest between your four to six rep sets, and two minutes of rest between eight to ten rep sets. This should help your muscles fully recuperate so you can give your maximum effort each time.

If you’re limited to one workout a week, use the following routine:

  1. Back barbell squat – 2 sets of four to six reps
  2. Deadlift – 2 sets of four to six reps
  3. Barbell incline bench press – 2 sets of four to six reps
  4. Barbell row – two sets of eight to ten reps
  5. Close-grip press – two sets of eight to ten reps

Maintaining Strength and Muscle

At the end of the day, most of us would like to have the time to workout as frequently as we want to. Unfortuantely, life isn’t quite that simple. The good news is that if your time is limited, you don’t have to give up your physique or your performance. If you can spend a couple of hours each week performing compound exercises and ensuring you maintain your strength, then you should keep the body you have worked so hard to achieve.


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