The Rising Popularity Of The Bodyweight Workout – Why Is Bodyweight Training So Effective?

The Rising Popularity of the Bodyweight Workout – Why is bodyweight training so effective?

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No matter the time of year, it’s fair to say that a strong and healthy body is always in season. The trending topics of bodyweight training, bodyweight workouts, and bodyweight exercises on Google just go to show that you can construct an effective routine at home, without the help of expensive gym memberships and professional equipment.

Today, anyone can stay in great shape all through the year, with exercises that they can try out wherever they are, whenever they have the time to spare. The following information about bodyweight training should help to give you an insight into why it’s become such a global phenomenon, and how effective it really is!

The Convenient Addition to Any Fitness Routine

Whether you’re getting ready for swimsuit season, or you simply want to make sure that you maintain great health and fitness for as long as possible, bodyweight training is a topic that’s trending worldwide as a convenient, straightforward solution for stronger muscles, slimmer waistlines, and healthier lifestyles.

Bodyweight training hit the heights of SEO fame last year by emerging as 2015’s top fitness trend, beating the high-intensity-interval training fad of 2014. However, that’s not the only thing you should know about bodyweight training.

A few Minutes Goes a Long Way

There are a wide range of different bodyweight exercises that you can implement into your regular workout routine as a way of sculpting your abs, strengthening your core, or even developing leaner leg muscles. Compound exercises such as lunges and pushups are particularly effective when it comes to performance improvements and strength gains, whereas Burpees are ideal for working your core, arms, quads, chest, hamstrings, and glutes!

Just a few minutes of bodyweight training every day can have a huge impact on your body’s metabolism – helping it to work in over-drive so that you lose fat fast, and focus on building lean muscle instead.

Bodyweight Training is Designed to Make You Better

Want to know what the Romans, Spartans, and Navy Seals all had in common? Bodyweight training has found its place within almost every military organization ever founded. That’s how effective it is as helping people to become “the best of the best”.

With bodyweight training, you don’t have to build an expensive gym facility at home or invest in a costly membership fee to workout. Instead, your exercises can be done at any time you like, anywhere you choose, without the hassle of extra equipment. For example, a plank is enough to engage more than twenty different muscles across your body, including your glutes, legs, arms, back, and shoulders.

The Top 10 Benefits of Bodyweight Training

While using bodyweight exercises as a method for building strength is a full-proof way to maximize your muscles in no time, the benefits of this fitness trend doesn’t stop with strength. Bodyweight training also:

  1. Helps you to build extra strength in your muscles without risking further damage after an injury.
  2. Assists in developing endurance, balance, and flexibility.
  3. Helps you to form a better awareness of your body overall.
  4. Provides an efficient workout, meaning you can get better results from a shorter sweat-routine.
  5. Burns away fast by revving up the body’s metabolism
  6. Offers challenges to athletes of all fitness levels, and can be adjusted according to your specific needs or goals.
  7. Allows for versatility – you’ll never get bored when you can switch up your exercise routine every couple of weeks.
  8. Helps with injury prevention by strengthening the ligaments, tendons, and fibers connecting muscles and bones.
  9. Due the hundreds of bodyweight exercise variations it can be challenging for beginners as well as pros.
  10. Doesn’t cost a penny.

Finally, perhaps the biggest benefit of bodyweight training is that it actually delivers results. Bodyweight exercises work because they involve compound movements, engaging numerous muscles and joints in each move to boost your performance and build strength faster.

While there may be no universal “best” workout for everyone, bodyweight exercises offer an undeniable benefit package to people of all fitness levels.

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