Quick And Simple Steps For Clean Bulking

Quick and Simple Steps for Clean Bulking

Many consider bulking to be a topic that’s marred in controversy. While some people believe that this is the only way you can really gain muscle effectively, others think it’s used mainly by those who don’t know how to get a flat stomach.

Some bulkers are convinced that they need to eat as much food as possible if they want to get results, whereas others think that the best solution is simply to eat right. The truth is that both forms of thinking are right in their own specific ways. There’s a great balance in between eating right and eating a lot where you can find effective and “clean” bulking practices. Here, we’re going to define clean bulking, and give you a few simple and quick steps for how you can do it yourself!

Clean Bulking Is…

The simplest way to describe clean bulking is a form of nutritional exercise that maximises the growth of your muscles, while limiting fat gain as much as possible. The way to do this is by making sure that you regulate your caloric intake according to the needs of your growing body, and that you ensure you get most of your calories from nutritious foods.

So how can you make clean bulking simple?

Step 1: Calculate Calories

Speak to any online fitness coach and they’ll tell you that if you want to find out how to get a flat stomach, you need to start by calculating calories. Clean bulking works in the same way. To bulk properly, you need to make sure that your caloric intake is slightly above whatever you’re burning in terms of regular energy. The best way to do this is to find out your total daily energy expenditure, and go from there.

Step 2: Measure Macros

Once you have a good understanding of your current caloric intake, and what you need to consume for clean bulking, you’ll need to think about your macronutrients, or macros. The macros you should be thinking about in this case are fat, carbs, and protein.

The rules to keep in mind include:

  • You should be eating between 0.8 and 1 gram of protein for each bound of your body weight. This will provide your body with the materials it needs to build extra muscle whenever possible.
  • Your fat intake should be no more and no less than 0.3 grams per pound, this will help to promote overall health and hormone synthesis.
  • Your remaining calories can be spent on carbs.

Step 3: Have a Meal Plan

The best way to make sure that you’re eating right for clean bulking is to have a plan. Remember that intuitive eating can be great for maintaining composition and body weight, but a lack of precision makes it useless for gaining muscle. On the other hand, meal planning removes some of the guesswork from your diet. You decide exactly what you’re going to eat each day, and you know why you’re eating the ingredients you choose.

Step 4: Be Careful When Cheating

As with any diet, cheating too much can quickly cause problems. Try to make sure that you’re smart about your cheating so you can make the most out of your gains overall. For example, try cheating once a week and try to make sure that you don’t exceed more than 150% of your standard caloric intake for a day. At the same time, try to keep your fat intake under 100 grams on the day that you cheat, and save up excess calories for cheat meals if you need to.

Step 5: Change to the Response of your Body

If you’re careful about following your clean bulking plan, then you should be able to gain around a pound of muscle a week as a man, or half a pound as a woman. If you’re gaining much more than this then the chances are that you’re eating too much and you need to re-assess your diet. If you’re gaining nothing, the chances are that you need to eat a lot more!

Step 6: Have Patience

Finally, remember that the right expectations are essential when it comes to getting the most out of your clean bulking experience. Don’t set yourself up to cling to unrealistic goals, otherwise you’ll just end up feeling bad about yourself. It’s probably going to take a lot of time to make big changes to your physique, so give yourself a break and be patient.

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