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Marc is a TaeKwonDo Personal Trainer in London.  He has won numerous competitions for TaeKwonDo and extreme Martial Arts and is also a European Martial Arts Gold Medalist.  

Taekwondo Martial Arts Camp in Attendorn 2015

Marc has taught thousands of adults, children and teenagers the art of Taekwondo.  Having being commissioned by high profile individuals from around the world to perform and teach TaeKwonDo, Marc now teaches private 1-2-1 TaeKwonDo lessons in London Marylebone from absolute beginner to advanced level.  Marc is an experienced fitness and TaeKwonDo trainer:

  • Children’s Group TaeKwonDo Classes in Baker Street London 
  • Children’s Private TaeKwonDo Classes in Baker Street London or at home
  • Teenager TaeKwonDo Classes in Baker Street London or at home
  • Adult Private TaeKwonDo Classes in Baker Street London or at home
  • Traditional TaeKwonDo
  • Kampfsport Berlin
  • Kampfsport Potsdam
  • Performance based Martial Arts for shows, show acts, television and events

Marc also specializes in performance based Martial Arts for shows, show acts, performers for television and events.  If you want your child or teenager to learn discipline, patience and strength in character then Marc’s TaeKwonDo training is a must.  

Through Marc’s London TaeKwonDo Children’s Group Training, Parents are astonished at the level of concentration, focus and discipline their child or teenager develops.  If your child or teenager is a budding actor or performer, Marc can devise a special Performance based TaeKwonDo plan.  In the past, Marc has helped many show acts get on stage, on TV and win national TV competitions similar to Britain’s Got Talent.  Marc is currently putting together a group of new students who will be the next show team.  Call 02081230808 or email for more information.

Sessions are productive, fun and progress at a pace that is challenging yet rewarding.  Here is what you can expect:

  1. A telephone conversation to discuss your requirements
  2. TaeKwonDo Personal training sessions or group TaeKwonDo classes for children
  3. TaeKwonDo progress consultations with evaluation of success

The number of sessions for private TaeKwonDo lessons depends on your goals and aspirations.  Children’s group TaeKwonDo classes can be held at your private residence, outside or at my personal gym in London, Marylebone.

Marc Dressen – MSc CPT AMAC

Personal Trainer and Martial Arts European Gold Medallist, Marc Dressen trains people from all walks of life from children, teenagers, celebrities, ultra high net worth individuals (UHNI), c-level executives, high profile families and VIPs at their private residences or his central London location. Over the past 17 years, Marc has helped thousands of people to reach their goals. He is regularly featured in the media and sought after through personal recommendations. 

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I have been going to the gym & training for a number of years & don’t really struggle with motivation either but in January I decided I wanted to push myself further & try something new so decided to get a personal trainer who was also able to teach me a new skill & work with me rather than just stand by the side of a machine & watch. Given Marc’s background & experience he is teaching me martial arts / kickboxing. It’s a great workout, good fun & I love it! R.O London

I immediately realized that Marc had a different approach to training – one that incorporated different techniques and moves as well as focus on what I wanted to achieve. Marc designed each session with increasing difficulty with a lot of focus on freestyle, body weight exercises and core always keeping my heart rate up. N.J India

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