Men’s Health – August 2015 | 6 BEST EXERCISES FOR BIGGER LEGS

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Men’s Health – August 2015 | 6 BEST EXERCISES FOR BIGGER LEGS

Personal Training London – Men’s Health Magazine UK recently asked Marc to briefly discuss the topic of  increasing muscular strength and size in your legs. Published online by Mens Health, August 2015.

Marc Dressen, MSc (Sport scientist and personal trainer)

Excerpt: “Every over-instagrammed gym bro is guilty of skipping legs day, but neglect your pins at your peril: training your legs means building the muscle that increases your big lifts strength. And the more tin you shift, the bigger your hormone spikes. Train your legs, get big arms. We asked London-based personal trainer and Taekwondo instructor Marc Dressen for the best exercises for powerful legs – considering his are lethal weapons, we listened very carefully. Use these exercises individually, or follow the workout below for a savage leg-day circuit.”

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Marc Dressen, MSc
Personal Trainer London

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