How You Can Minimize Belly Fat By Eating These Food Types

How You Can Minimize Belly Fat By Eating These Food Types

If the biggest threat to a perfect figure in your life is the difficult-to-shift belly fat that clings around your midsection, it may help to know that there are ways that you can combine exercise with diet to start shaving off the pounds. The truth is that achieving long-lasting weight loss doesn’t have to mean dedicating hours every day to calculating how many calories were in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rather, the best way to lose weight around your belly may involve working alongside the natural sleep and hunger rhythms of your body to maximize energy and improve fat burning.
Millions of people around the world are searching for the answer of “how to reduce belly fat” through weight loss programs and 12-week athletic training. However, few realize that the foods you eat could actually be having an effect on how avidly your stomach holds onto those unwanted pounds. The right solution combines healthy eating, exercise, and enough sleep to deliver the perfect flat-belly routine. Here are just some of the food types you should be eating if you want to minimize belly fat.

1. Fish

Ask any personal trainer in London and you’ll quickly learn that when your diet is deficient in omega-3 – a nutrient most commonly found in fish – the pineal gland of your brain responsible for regulating the nervous system can be thrown off, leading to problems in the production of melatonin – a hormone used for sleep. In other words, if you don’t eat enough fish, you don’t sleep during usual rest periods, meaning that you’re more inclined to eat late at night and pile on the pounds.
What’s more, a fish-rich diet will be full of protein, which can be an excellent way to satiate your appetite. Some studies suggest that you burn more calories when digesting protein than you would be scorching through carbs or fat.

2. Green Vegetables

When your mother told you to eat your greens, you should have taken notice. Green vegetables are incredible foods that are rich in fiber and low in calories. When you eat these vegetables, you take in insoluble fibers that can sweep through the digestive tract and clean out any unwanted residue. Many health experts and personal trainers recommend drinking a couple of glasses of green vegetable juice every day if you want to try and melt away fat with effective weight loss programs.

3. Nuts (Legumes)

The concept of nuts being a good source of weight loss nutrients isn’t new. However, the science behind why they may be so beneficial is only just coming to light. Nuts are a great source of magnesium, which helps to improve your mood, and make sure that even the most avid insomniacs have a better chance of peacefully sleeping through the night. Once again, the more sleep you get, the better chance you have of avoiding stresses like overeating and weight gain.
Furthermore, plenty of magnesium in your diet can be a great way to reduce dangerous levels of inflammation in the body, which could otherwise lead to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s.

4. Moringa Tea

Start the day right with a brew that could do something incredible for your body. Moringa tea is native to Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, and is known for its potent leaves, which can be used to make medicine.  When it comes to learning how to reduce belly fat, a cup of this delicious tea can do everything from promoting a boosted metabolism, to ensuring proper digestion, and packing you full of energy for the day ahead.

At the same time, Moringa tea naturally supports the normal sugar levels of the body, while taking care of your immune system and beautifying the skin. In other words, you won’t just benefit from a flat stomach – but fewer wrinkles, and a glowing complexion too!

5. Cherries

These delicious fruits are a treat at the best of time, but it turns out that they may actually be good for a lot more than tantalizing the taste buds. Eating some Montmorency cherries just before bed can pack your body full of melatonin – the hormone it needs for complete and restful sleep. Though at this point there isn’t any strict evidence that cherries will ensure you can go to sleep easier, many studies have found that the rise in melatonin in the body can help sleeping patterns. What’s more, melatonin is also a great antioxidant, which can be another way to promote weight loss.

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  1. Good article. How many nuts would you recommend a week? One of my clients switched to nuts as a healthy snack, but thought he might be eating too, many as his weight didn’t go down. I would recommend no more than a dozen every other day, what do you think?

    I also read somewhere that the compound selenium in brazil nuts causes insomnia if you eat too many, but they’re fine in small quantities. I learned this to my cost when I snacked on a dozen brazil nuts before bed one time, and it took ages to get to sleep (unusual for me).

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