Health Club Management – April 2015 | Parkour: From street to studio

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Health Club Management – April 2015 | Parkour: From street to studio 

Personal Training London – Health Club Management Magazine recently asked Marc to briefly discuss the topic of  the Parkour movement and suitability for Health Clubs. Published in print and online by health club management, Issue 4, April 2015.

Marc Dressen, MSc (Sport scientist and personal trainer)

“I co-founded Europe’s largest parkour and action sport gym – the Move Artistic dome in Cologne, Germany – in 2009 and witnessed its exponential growth.

“I now teach parkour classes at Fitness First Baker Street in London, UK, and I like to keep as many of the original principles of parkour as possible in my sessions. My aim is to open people’s eyes to the opportunities around them, so for example a staircase isn’t just to be walked up and down – you can crawl up it, climb down it, move sideways along it… I use the freestyle area in the gym with boxes to leap over, pull-up bars and so on.

“I teach from the heart: I believe it’s important to convey parkour’s key values, so I like to bring an edgy aspect to my classes to capture the adrenalin rush and spirit of outdoor parkour. This particularly helps engage those hard-to-reach 18- to 24-year-olds, who enjoy a deep sense of satisfaction and achievement when they master the moves.

“I relish my one-to-one outdoor coaching, as people who opt for this are looking for genuine, original parkour moves and experience. That said, increasing numbers are asking for indoor parkour as they feel it’s accessible, safe and contained. If indoor parkour brings more people to the sport, then let’s do more of it!

“Clubs that have the space and invest in decent crash mats and well-trained instructors could do very well with parkour.”

Health Club Management April 2015 From Street to Studio M

Marc Dressen, MSc
Personal Trainer London

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