Fitpro Summer – April 2015 | Coming of age Teen fitness

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Fitpro Summer – April 2015 | Coming of age Teen Fitness

Personal Training London – Fitpro Magazine recently asked Marc to briefly discuss the topic of  the Teen Fitness . Published in print and online by Fitpro, Summer Issue, April 2015.

Marc Dressen, MSc (Sport scientist and personal trainer)

Personal Trainer Marc Dressen likes the directness of young clients. “Teens don’t have any filters and say what they think, so if they tell you they enjoy working out with you that’s a genuine compliment.” Dressen has 18 years’ experience with this age group and recommends recognising their child and using a ‘play approach’ to engage and hold their interest.

Fit Pro Summer 2015


FitPro Summer 2015

Marc Dressen, MSc
Personal Trainer London

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