Everything You Need To Know About Curcumin Supplements

Everything You Need to Know about Curcumin Supplements

When people join my Marc Dressen online fitness trainer sessions, they’re not necessarily just looking for a way to lose weight, but something that they can use to improve their overall health and wellness. That’s why many of my clients consider supplements as a way of adding something extra to their diet during a health and fitness routine.

Today, one of the most popular supplements on the market is Curcumin, which has been touted as a solution for fighting metabolic syndrome, inflammation, and even joint pain. Of course, not everyone believes in the power of curcumin – in fact, some people consider it to be nothing more than a hyped-up herbal remedy.

So, what’s the truth?

Although Curcumin might not be the ultimate cure for everything, there’s plenty of scientific evidence that suggests that curcumin may be useful for reducing inflammation, joint main, and many other issues. By the time we finish this article, you should know everything there is to know about curcumin, and what it can do for you.

What is Curcumin?

Essentially, Curcumin is a yellow chemical created by plants that can be used in a range of different industries, from food colouring to the cosmetics sector. Curcumin is also a major component in the spice “turmeric”, which is in a range of standard Indian dishes.

The main reason people choose to supplement with curcumin is that they believe that doing so will help to reduce the negative impact of natural inflammation. Importantly, if your goal is to enhance your performance levels and reduce your weight without pain, then fighting back against inflammation could be a good first start, as this issue contributes to numerous problems like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Although curcumin can fight back against a range of problems with inflammation, the most common reason that people choose to take this supplement, is because it’s a powerful way to battle joint pain.

The Benefits of Curcumin

Research into the potential of curcumin began when scientists began to realise that people around the world were already consuming a lot of this substance thanks to the presence of turmeric in many common dishes. Since there was already evidence that curcumin could be useful for the human body, scientists began to consider the substance a little further.


One of the most significant reasons that people are drawn to the benefits of curcumin, is the fact that it’s capable of fighting back against inflammation. When you exercise, your muscles become inflamed as part of the recovery process, and some inflammation is necessary when it comes to fighting disease and repairing tissue.

The problem with inflammation begins when it’s left unchecked. In some cases, inflammation can even lead to issues like arthritis, obesity, and diabetes, which begins to damage the tissues in your body and promote chronic illness.

Curcumin is a useful solution for people who suffer from inflammation because it’s an anti-inflammatory compound. In fact, it’s one of the world’s most potent herbs for fighting against inflammation, and it works in a very similar way to aspirin or ibuprofen.

Joint Health

Curcumin is also effective in fighting back against joint pain and improving mobility in people with arthritis. This is because arthritis is caused by an inflammatory response to joint collagen, which means that your immune system begins to eat away at the cartilage between joints.

There are a number of factors that can make joint pain worse, but excess inflammation is one of the biggest concerns to think about. This is why a lot of doctors recommend using treatment solutions that focus on reducing inflammation. The problem is common anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen can make the problem worse over time, which is why curcumin is a better natural alternative.


Certain studies indicate that curcumin could even be useful for fighting back against depression. Indeed, there seems to be a strong link between inflammation and depression, and since curcumin reduces inflammation, it makes sense that it would help. The research shows that cur5cumin can reduce the symptoms of depression naturally in some people.

Surprisingly, curcumin seems to work best for people who have the most severe forms of depression. However, the catch is that most doctors believe that curcumin is still not as effective as standard anti-depressant drugs.

Metabolic Syndrome

Finally, some people believe that curcumin may be effective at fighting back against metabolic syndrome – a condition that refers to a collection of problems that occur as a result of poor eating habits and inactivity. Metabolic syndrome can include issues like weight gain, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure.

While metabolic syndrome isn’t necessarily recognised as a disease, it’s a group of symptoms that can easily increase your risk of various problems like stroke and heart disease. The only real way to reduce your risk of this problem is to get plenty of exercise. However, some studies suggest that consuming curcumin might help people with metabolic syndrome to tackle their symptoms.

In fact, the evidence suggests that people who take curcumin when suffering from metabolic syndrome might actually lose more weight.

What to Expect from Curcumin: The Bottom Line

Ultimately, a lot of studies suggest that the effects of taking curcumin as a supplement for good health and fitness can differ from different people. For instance, if you’re taking curcumin to fight back against the joint pain that’s caused by inflammation, then you’ll probably see some positive results. On the other hand, if your pain is caused by another problem, then you may notice no change.

If you’re struggling with problems that are linked to metabolic function, such as high blood pressure, weight gain, or higher than usual blood sugar, then you should be focused on losing weight with plenty of diet and exercise. A results-driven training program should help you to achieve more benefits. However, you can also consider trying curcumin at the same time if you want to cover all your bases.

Today, curcumin is gaining more popularity as an effective and helpful supplement for those who suffer from a range of different health problems. If you’re suffering from something that’s related largely to inflammation, then there’s a good chance that curcumin could help you. However, if you do notice improvement, the chances are that the results will only be small.

As long as you make sure that you don’t use curcumin as your only solution for your problems, there’s nothing wrong with trying it out for yourself.

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