Bespoke Diet And Nutrition Programme

What you eat plays a significant role on your health and fitness levels. Modern fitness experts place an even heavier emphasis on proper eating habits than they do for managing exercise plans.

In fact, studies have shown, that without an intelligent approach to your diet you cannot possibly take maximum benefit from your workouts – even if you have the latest, greatest, ‘state of the art’ fitness manual in your hands.

”Winning is not a ‘sometime’ thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in awhile, you do them right all of the time. Winning is a habit, unfortunately, so is losing.” – Vince Lombardi

That is why ‘Real’ fitness professionals make it a point to help you balance a carefully structured dieting system together with an exercise routine that is tailor made for you.

Why good food is essential for ‘Real’ fitness

Nutrition affects more than just the results you’re aiming for in any fitness programme. It also determines how effective you will be, while you’re grunting it out – smack right in the middle of a pull-up – trying to beat your last record.

This is where scientifically backed nutrition starts to make sense. It means your body is well prepared to provide you with heaps of energy when you need it most. And only by giving off your best at each workout can you achieve the results you desire.

When your body is fueled with junk you can just guess what sort of performance it will deliver. But it doesn’t stop there. Your diet should also cater to the rebuilding processes your body undergoes when you push yourself past your limits.

So take it from me, you need a smart food plan in addition to adequate rest if you want to reach your personal fitness goals.

Your own personal dietary needs

When you first come in we will spend enough time discussing your actual nutritional needs. And we’ll soon have you on an eating plan that’s just right for you. Don’t worry, I won’t have you stuck on rabbit food for months on end. I’ll show you how healthy eating can still be tasty eating.

We’ll start off by assessing where you are with your diet right now. And you will learn to appreciate the changes you need to make if you really want that dream body. We can track the most important dietary factors over a short period of time. A special dimension of our nutrition system, one that will make your life so much easier in the long term, is that of a ‘hands off‘ meals delivery service taken care of by our reputable partners in the industry.

Another part of our detailed analysis involves, in addition to nutritional factors, a very thorough full body assessment. Among the various tests which comprise very personal questions about your health and lifestyle, we also have a unique method of calculating what your ideal calorie intake should be. Once we know this we can quickly work out the changes that need to be implemented for your diet plan to reap you maximum rewards.

Depending on whether you’re looking to shed unwanted pounds or pack on some sexy muscle, we can structure a diet plan that progresses by keeping your personal goals in front of us.

A bespoke nutrition plan that works

Another integral part of our full body assessment is made up of figuring out your body composition. This entails a series of tests which helps us determine, among other things, the ratio between fat and muscle tissue you currently have in your body. With this vital information we can start to put together a diet plan that initially complements your current body type, but then gradually takes you to the body you want.

We also optimise your calorie intake to help you arrive there with ample energy while keeping you healthy and rejuvenated.

Leave all the technicalities to me, you’re in safe hands I assure you.

But remember as your trainer I’m definitely going to keep tabs on you.

The fear most of us have with keeping to a diet plan is that it tends to be hard to stick to, doesn’t it? So to this end, I always take into account the demands of your already hectic lifestyle. I’ll build a diet plan for you that is flexible and realistic; and best of all delicious to enjoy, every day. Again, this can be handled completely on your behalf with our convenient food delivery service, which makes sticking to the plan as easy as pie.

Let me be firm when I say do not believe in a ‘one size fits all‘ approach – especially when it comes to nutrition. I am well aware of the specialised needs some clients have when they come to me. So I make sure to ask the right questions – even those you haven’t thought of – in order to provide you a diet that you can truly call your own.

We have lot’s to discuss, as you will see:

  • Why you have to define your dietary needs before starting any fitness regimen.
  • What you can do to lose excess weight and prevent it from piling back on.
  • How you can accommodate allergies to certain foods and control stomach ailments.
  • Whether you need to take supplements and vitamins.
  • What to do if you have little choice but to eat at a restaurant (like if you have a business meeting with a client).
  • How to maintain your diet plan when you’re out of town on holiday or on a business trip.
  • How your diet can still work if you have diabetes or any other medical condition.
  • And much more…


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I just wanted to say many thanks for your personal training work with me, motivation and encouragement to reach my targets. This is the fittest and healthiest I've ever felt and I can clearly see how much of a difference it makes!

Rebecca G.

Long overdue thank you to Marc. Thanks for all the support, training, motivation and guidance. Friday mornings without the 60 min 'torture' just won't be the same. See you at #ToughMudder2016‬, if not sooner!

Tarun C.

Spending the past 5 months on the 12weekATHLETE has been an incredible process of mental and physical development, very glad to have had your guidance. I would say, to someone who wants to, or is just thinking about buying the program, don't think twice. You will lose the weight. You will gain the muscle all-natural. And you will see the difference. So don't think twice. Don't be stupid. Go for it. Thank you Marc the person, the trainer for helping me achieving where I am now "gut gemacht" ?

Saeed A.
Joyce Osborn Personal Training In London Review

I have always had a phobia about Gyms and thought that they were not the place for me. When I finally decided that I should start (all be it late in my life) to do some exercise I took on Marc as my personal trainer. He has made me feel comfortable in the Gym and I feel he has helped to change the shape of my body where diet alone would not. The help and advice I get from Marc is excellent and I feel I have gained not only a healthier body but a friend as well. I look forward to my weekly sessions and feel that Marc carefully designs the routine to suit the person's abilities and requirements.

Joyce O.
Kirsty J Personal Training London Testimonial

Marc is a very experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer. Training with him is rewarding and you get results. He strikes the balance of pushing you hard whilst keeping it varied and entertaining. He's never short of new and different exercises to keep it fun. Whatever you want to achieve he can help you get there.

Marc is also very professional, always reliable and punctual and his digital booking and reminder system is a great tool so ensure you never forget a session!

Kirsty J.