Bike Riding – Gentle Exercise For The Over 60s

Bike Riding – Gentle Exercise for the over 60s

When it comes to weight loss programs, many people struggling with finding regimens that they actually enjoy. However, regular cycling can fit perfectly into your 12 week athletic training system, while acting as a fun answer to the question “how to lose belly fat”. As a form of excise, cycling has plenty of appeal, offering everything from a chance to lose weight, to a reduction in stress, and improved fitness. What’s more, people of any age can enjoy cycling.

For the over 60s, there is perhaps no better option for an exercise that goes easy on your joints, while delivering a great dose of cardiovascular health. Unlike other aerobic activities, cycling doesn’t exert the same amount of strain as something like running, but it still helps you to get into shape. For instance, someone with a weight of 80kg can burn more than 650 calories during an hour of riding, while toning the muscles in the legs and bottom.

Safety Tips for Cycling

Whether you’re over 60 or not, part of getting the most out of your cycling experience means staying safe when you’re on the road. For example, you’re not going to be able to keep up with your personal trainer in London if your leg’s in a cast. To stay safe make sure you:

  • Obey the road signs and laws of traffic lights
  • Look behind you before you overtake, stop, or turn
  • Use arm singles to let drivers know when you intend to turn left or right
  • Never ride on pavement unless a sign says that you can
  • Watch out for car doors that suddenly open when you’re overtaking parked cars
  • Avoid using headphones so you can listen out for signs of traffic
  • Keep off your cell phone

You Can Cycle for the Rest of your Life

One of the great things about cycling as a form of exercise, is it’s something that you can continue to do throughout your entire life. For instance, even if you’re in great shape now, the chances are that you can’t lift weights and engage in the same exercises that you might have been able to tackle before you hit your 60s. In fact, cycling is even a preferable alternative to some of the most common exercises, like running, which can cause your joints to feel stiff or sore after a while as you begin to get older.

As a fantastic low-impact sport, cycling is ideal for people who need to go easy on their feet, knees, ankles, or legs. That means that whether you hope to run a marathon at 80, or simply want to keep your heart pumping while your knees ache, cycling will help to boost your fitness without pounding down your joints. In other words, instead of dreading your workout, you’ll be looking forward to the time of day when you get to hop on your bike and start pedaling away the stress.

Get Out and Take Advantage of the World

One of the biggest issues that people over the age of 60 struggle with, is that they find it hard to find time to enjoy the great outdoors. Although this may not be much of an issue for some people, many adults find that spending too much time inside can be incredible isolating. While there are many different ways to enjoy a summer afternoon or a spring morning, riding a bike is one of the most attractive and healthy ways to spend your leisure time.

Not only will you have an opportunity to soak up the fresh air, but a relaxing bike ride that’s slower than ten miles an hour can be enough to burn 281 calories, which is a great deal more than the 176 calories burned by a standard walk.

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  1. hi Mark thanks for this article. Personally I don’t like riding a bike in London, there are too many lunatics (taxi drivers are the worst) on the road. And the air is not very fresh thanks to all those diesel vehicles and other high polluters. Hopefully the next mayor will push for clean air in London.

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