The Best Butt Exercises For Incredible Glutes

The Best Butt Exercises for Incredible Glutes

Everyone wants an amazing butt – but most people don’t know how to get one.

Unfortunately, getting incredible glutes isn’t something that can be done with “spot reduction” cardio. Though the average online fitness coach often sees numerous people slaving away on the treadmill, attempting to “target” their backside, this method simply doesn’t work. According to studies, targeted fat loss is nothing more than a myth. Though some research shows that training certain muscles leads to increased lipolysis and blood flow in that area – it’s not enough to matter.

The reality is that training the muscles in a certain area of your body can burn calories and improve muscle growth – but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get the butt you’ve always wanted. That’s because fat-loss occurs in a whole-body experience. You create the right environment for weight loss with a calorie deficit, and your body works to reduce stores across the body.

In other words, you can do crunches for days and you still won’t get a six-pack until you’ve reduced your body fat percentage properly. Fortunately, you don’t need to engage in a range of fancy workout routines to get the body you want. An awesome butt is just a few steps away.

Getting a Great Butt is Simpler than You Think

The first thing to know when you’re chasing your personal trainer in London for ideas about sculpting your backside, is that the gluteus maximus is a single muscle. There’s no such thing as those “upper” and “lower” regions that some exercise articles talk about.

The second thing to know is that the kind of look you want to achieve will probably emphasize building your hamstrings, and your glutes at the same time. In other words, you need a more comprehensive workout routine. Fortunately, the exercises for developing your hamstrings and glutes are much simpler than you think. Most of the best workout routines will include:

  • The Lunge
  • The Hip thrust
  • The Dead lift
  • The Squat

Most exercises for building a beautiful butt will rely on exercises that involve movement at the hips – i.e. squats and deadlifts. These movements are a good start, as these specific exercises force your muscles to work against gravity to ensure a full range of motion. However, if you want an amazing butt, then you need to improve your hamstrings and glutes in other ways too.

1.    The Squat

There’s a reason why the squat is such a popular exercise. This form of body-sculpting is one of the most effective movements around when it comes to building muscularity in the lower body, and strength. If you want a great butt and fantastic legs, then you need to squat deep, and use a wider stance. Why? Because the deeper you squat, the more work your legs and butt need to do. Research also indicates that when squatting with heavy weight, a wider stance improves the amount of activation in the glutes and quadriceps.

2.    The Deadlift

Once you’ve mastered the squat, it will be time to move on to the deadlift. This exercise trains every aspect of your body at once. It’s particularly beneficial when it comes to building your glutes and hamstrings, because it involves a lot of interaction with the glutes and hamstrings. This process also lends itself very well to heavy lifting – which is essential for building efficient muscle.

3.    The Hip Thrust

If you’ve never done a hip thrust before, then you’re probably going to enjoy adding it to your workout routine. Although it can feel embarrassing and awkward at first, it’s also the secret weapon for building up the muscles in your butt – and you’ll find it in almost every athlete’s routine. There are plenty of variations for the types of hip thrust that you can do, but for getting a great butt, you should focus on single-leg, band, and barbell options.

4.    The Lunge

Last but not least, this incredibly basic and popular movement is excellent for carving out great glutes. Though some people still don’t recognise the lunge as the perfect movement for butt exercise – research has shown that the glutes are essential for pulling you back to the standing position. If you can’t do regular lunges due to problems with your knees, you can always opt for a reverse lunge instead.

The Bottom Line

The process for building an incredible butt is no secret. All you need to accomplish great things is persistent work with easy, straight-forward exercises. Combining the knowledge and exercises we’ve outlined above should get you on the road to an incredible butt in no time.

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