The Basics Of Carb Cycling For Burning Fat

The Basics of Carb Cycling for Burning Fat

If you’re trying to figure out how to get a flat stomach in time for your next vacation, or you want to know how to lose belly fat for an upcoming wedding, then you might find yourself searching the internet for “tricks” and “secrets”.

Unfortunately, the fundamental truth of weight loss – and something that your online personal trainer will remind you of frequently, is that you need to use basic diet and exercise principles to get the best results. Having the body you want is 80% about following boring fundamental aspects of fitness, while the other 20% is using solutions to give your workout an edge – like supplementation, and fasted training.

One of those “added extras” for weight loss is carb cycling. When used correctly, this measure can help you to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals faster than ever.

What is Carb Cycling?

The first thing to know about carb cycling, is that it is a form of dieting which involves planned decreases and increases to your typical carbohydrate intake. Usually, this process involves decreasing and increasing calorie intake too.

There are a range of alternative carb protocols available today, but most suggest alternating between some of these different day types in relation to carbs:

  1. High Carb Days

The first option is “high-carb” days, when you eat around 2 grams of carbs according to each pound of your body weight.

  1. Low Carb Days

Many carb cycles suggest that you should be consuming around 0.5 grams of carbs per pound of body weight during low-carb days, which can be difficult if you’re also training during those days.

  1. No-Carb days

Finally, no-carb days can be very difficult for some people to accomplish. It means a low caloric intake, and less than thirty grams of carbs for the entire day.

Obviously, this collection of different days indicates that carb cycling requires careful consideration of your meal planning efforts, and how you’re going to stick to your goals. With so much hard work involved, you’d be forgiven for wondering exactly how carb cycling works, and whether it’s worth the stress.

How Carb Cycling Works

The process of carb cycling emphasizes the value of manipulating the way that you consume carbohydrates. This focus on carbs is because too many carbs can spike insulin levels, creating problems with our metabolisms and triggering fat storage. Unfortunately, on the flip side of the coin, you need to eat plenty of carbs if you want to build muscle.

While you need carbs if you want to build muscle, the chances are that you’d rather avoid the extra price of blubber around your stomach as a result. Carb cycling attempts to put a stop to this hand-in-hand relationship by changing the behaviour of hormones that affect energy expenditure and muscle protein metabolism, and refilling glycogen stores for improved workouts. While those processes take place on “high carb” days, the low carb days and no-carb days improve your ability to burn fat.

Can You Lose Weight Faster with Carb Cycling

So, carb cycling sounds great – but how do we know if it really makes a difference when it comes to getting rid of excess fat? After all, most of the people reading this article will be hoping to learn about how to lose belly fat.

While carb cycling can help you to lose weight – so can any other diet that places you in a calorie deficit. Indeed, the only real way to lose weight is with a caloric deficit. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, centuries of research continue to suggest that more calories out compared to less calories in will always be the formula for better weight loss.

However, the amount of carbohydrates that you eat will have a significant impact on the level of water that your body retains. This means that when you restrict your cab intake, you can shed more water and glycogen weight. This is typically why a lot of people do see higher and faster weight loss results than they do with higher-carb traditional dieting.

So Does Carb Cycling Work?

Unfortunately, it seems that there isn’t really any “quick fix” when it comes to getting rid of excess weight, and for many people, carb cycling is just one of those “shiny” objects that doesn’t offer a great deal of results. However, if you combine your carb cycling measures with plenty of protein, lots of compound exercises, and plenty of strength training – then you might see different results.

At the end of the day, carb cycling can help – but only if you do it with the right accompanying behaviours.

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