Weight Loss And Fat Loss

Weight Loss / Fat Loss

The very mention of fat loss can be rather intimidating. Many people have difficulty with this one. The reasons are as diverse as the number of individuals making up the population. Putting the details of your initial assessment into perspective, we are able to structure a very sophisticated plan of action for you.

We have packed the very best of exercising methodology and scientifically proven nutrition together – all geared for maximum fat loss results. Call this our toolbox of weight loss secrets and nifty tricks. From here we can devise a programme that is 100% tailored to those many aspects that make you an individual. Read More

Building Muscle

Muscle Building

Whether you’re looking to build real strength you can use in sports or in life, or you covet the model of perfection only a defined muscular body can give you, we can draw up a plan that works for you.

We have mastered the art of balancing the factors which bring about supreme muscular development.

We do not, as a rule, want you to fall prey to ‘overtraining’ and injuring yourself, so you are coached very closely to ensure you observe the proper form when exercising. Combining all important rest, training and nutrition we structure a comprehensive schedule which is easy to follow. Read More


Martial Arts

Training in Martial Arts provides you with an all encompassing method of getting into shape, developing your qualities of dexterity and agility, and making your body strong and flexible.

Our very own founder, Marc Dressen, holds a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and is affiliated with the Deutsche Taekwondo Union (DTU) and the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). The WTF is the same international body that officiates the rules of ‘Full Contact’ Taekwondo as it is represented in the Olympics.

Over the years Marc has dedicated himself to the preservation and teaching of this martial arts discipline and has personally trained students of all age groups. His main focus is in providing students with a positive, safe, and enjoyable environment while offering superior quality martial arts instruction. Read More


Personal Lifestyle Coaching

There is a powerful benefit to be had by expressing your innermost feelings to another person. But sometimes you may find that members of friends and family do not exactly encourage to your goals. This is either because they do not understand them, or, due to human nature, they have the similar fears but lack the courage to advance towards those goals themselves.

It makes a huge difference speaking to a neutral and unbiased listener. My training as an NLP Coach means I can help you to interpret your innermost fears and doubts, and with appropriate guidance help you to eliminate them one by one. I can also appreciate your most heartfelt aspirations and teach you how to go about making them a reality.

With a bit of insight into your personal life, I can also help you set right certain areas of your psychology, simply by exploring your core values, and showing you how you can intentionally change any limiting beliefs you may hold within yourself. With reinforced control of your own thought processes, you will begin to see natural and gradual improvements in behavior coupled with a greater sense of self.

I know, you thought you were going to be stuck with them for life. Not anymore – and with this newfound mental strength, and by consistently delivering the best actions you can muster, you will no doubt experience mind-boggling results in any endeavor you undertake. Your fitness training, notwithstanding. Enquire Now


Enhanced Sports Performance

Training for sports is based largely on similar principles to strength training. The first step is determining the demands the sport makes on you physically. Then after conducting assessments on your personal physicality, we can quickly deduce which areas are in need of more focus and training.

Depending on the sport you play, functional strength may well be a proven requirement. Actual usable physical strength is vital for success in many sports disciplines. It even gives you an edge in the day to day activities at home or work, reducing fatigue and helping you accomplish work faster with energy left to spare.

We’ll spend some time working out exactly the kind of strength you will need to perform specific movements, the rate at which you have to perform them, and the amount of force you need to generate.

Your training regimen is then designed with these specific factors in mind. If you’re an athlete training for an upcoming competition this can be tailored to adequately prepare you in time so that you are ready to perform at your peak.

We also use the time-tested training methodology of mimicking particular movements of the sport inside a controlled non-competitive setting. You will soon develop competence and heightened skills which can then be reenacted on the actual playing field. Your performance will increase dramatically and predictably. Enquire Now


Superior Cardiovascular Fitness

Nowadays cardiovascular training is not taken so seriously and has somehow fallen to the wayside. This is probably because of the rising popularity of muscle building, and strength and conditioning. At the same time, if done purely for the purposes of effecting major improvements in your overall fitness, cardiovascular training alone could still come out wanting, if you ignore other critical factors.

However, experts still use cardiovascular fitness today, but more as a means to improve your heart rate which is needed for better performance in other fitness disciplines. In simple terms we work towards strengthening your cardiovascular levels, reducing your resting heart rate, thereby boosting your performance in the exercises that matter. The goal is to help you get the most out of your cardiovascular system when you need it the most.

These planned cardiovascular training sessions are isolated and monitored closely to see if you are in fact making good enough progress in your most important workouts. We can gauge if the state of your heart and lungs are either helping or preventing you from advancing. In certain cases, your trainer can advise a set of different exercises which can make up for cardiovascular limitations which are holding you back in your main routines. Enquire Now

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