7 Foods That Give You An Energy Kick (Without The Guilt)

7 Foods That Give You an Energy Kick (Without The Guilt)

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It’s hard to stay engaged in a healthy lifestyle if you don’t have the energy kick required to keep you moving throughout the day. That’s one of the many reasons why a lot of people rely upon their initial cup of coffee to get them going at the start of the day, or a couple of sugar-filled snacks for a mid-day boost. Unfortunately, when you’re attempting to eat foods that give you real, natural energy, without the man-made junk that can damage your health, it can be tough to navigate through food options and find the right solution.

Following, we’ll discuss some of the foods that you can choose for a guilt-free approach to keeping your energy levels high all throughout the day. Not only will these foods help to chase away lethargy, they’ll also give you a variety of great health advantages.

1.   Oatmeal

Frequently given credit as one of the best breakfast choices available, oatmeal is an ideal way to start your day. Make sure to stay away from the instant options that contain a great deal of artificial flavors and sugar – as these can negate the energetic values of natural oatmeal, and end up giving you a sugar crash instead. There are numerous organic varieties of instant oatmeal available on the market that use natural flavorings if you need a touch of something sweeter with your breakfast.

2.   Spinach

Truth be told, there are few things that spinach isn’t good for. In fact, it’s one of the healthiest foods you can eat, providing you with a significant portion of the energy you will need to get through the day. The reason for this is that spinach is high in iron – a substance which plays a critical role in helping red blood cells to function. Red blood cells are crucial for transporting oxygen around the body – and vital for energy production. If you’re making a salad, try switching iceberg lettuce with baby spinach leaves for instantly boosted energy levels.

3.   Quinoa

A special food for numerous reasons, Quinoa is packed with protein, and helps to sustain your energy kick by working as a complex carbohydrate. If you’re planning on a workout, Quinoa is a great energy source, thanks to all of the essential amino acids contained within. You can use this ingredient as a foundation for your main meal, or as a side dish, and there are plenty of recipes out there that should help you fit it into your diet.

4.   Eggs

Another excellent source of protein, eggs are a great food choice for people who are lifting weights as part of their fitness regimen. Almost every health diet you’ll find online today will place eggs on the list of approved foods, whether you’re using just the whites, or the entire egg. Eggs are also great for helping you to build muscle, and more lean muscle will help you to access more energy on a daily basis.

5.   Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are an excellent source of energy and healthy carbohydrates without introducing too much sugar into your diet. Stay away from processed juices, and stick to eating the entire fruit if you want to make sure you also get a dose of healthy fiber with your snack. Grapefruit, lemons, and oranges will also give you a great source of vitamin C, which is essential for converting food into energy.

6.   Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is becoming one of the most popular snacks on the market, as it’s capable of adding something extra to a whole host of meals. Due to the increased level of protein, this type of yogurt is better-rounded than typical yogurts, and it’s a great option for a snack when you’re feeling particularly low on energy.

7.   Bananas

Renowned for their higher levels of potassium, bananas are an ideal way to reduce the lethargic and weak feelings that can result from low potassium levels. Conveniently portable and perfect to eat on the go, bananas are a great source of energy wherever you are, whenever you need a snack. What’s more, bananas are also packed with respectable amounts of vitamin B-6 – a substance that helps to provide you with an energy kick throughout the day.

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