6 Easy Ways To Banish A Bloated Belly (Fast)

6 Easy Ways to Banish a Bloated Belly (Fast)

If you constantly find yourself cursing your bloated stomach, despite hours devoted to figuring out how to reduce belly fat, and months invested in weight loss programs – you’ve come to the right place. Plenty of people struggle with what appears to be a “bloated” or puffy stomach, and they often struggle to understand why they’re still facing bulging problems around their midsection during intense training with an online fitness coach.
Here we’ll cover the reasons why you’re probably bloating, as well as what you can do to tackle the problem.

Why Are You Bloated?

Before you can fix a bloating problem – you need to figure out why you’re bloated. For instance – what many people assume is serious bloating is actually the build-up of too much body fat. Remember, while bloating can change in a hurry, fat remains largely the same, so measure your stomach each night to give yourself an idea of which problem you’re dealing with. If too much body fat isn’t the answer, you may be bloated for some of the following reasons:
1. Lactose intolerance: About 70% of the people in the world don’t produce enough lactase, which makes it difficult for them to properly digest lactose – leading to significant bloating problems.
2. Irritable bowel syndrome: IBS can cause serious discomfort and pain around the abdomen – with one main symptom being bloating.
3. Potassium/ Sodium imbalance: When you increase your intake of sodium above the norm, you increase your water retention. This can cause you to appear bloated when actually you’re just holding on to more water.
4. Hormones: Hormones factor into almost every physiological behaviour within the body – from slow muscle growth to stagnant weight loss. An excess of cortisol – caused by stress – can be a leading problem in water retention and bloating.

6 Ways To Banishing Belly Bloating Fast

Getting rid of unwanted bloat can seem like a tough task – but it’s actually much simpler than you might think. Following, we’ll cover just some of the simplest ways you can slim down your stomach in no time.
1. Get your Bowels Working
Before you begin making adjustments to your diet, you need to ensure you aren’t constipated – as this will make bloating worse. Exercise, supplementation with magnesium, and laxatives can all help you start visiting the bathroom more regularly.
2. Avoid Gassy Drinks
Bloating is usually caused by excess gas and excess water. Since your favourite sodas are often infused with carbon dioxide gas, the best way to get rid of bloating is to avoid drinking them entirely. Stick to water instead!
3. Balance Potassium and Sodium Levels
If you’re experiencing bloating but you’re not drinking gassy drinks or suffering from constipation – then you might need to dive a little deeper into the problem. Check your potassium and sodium levels, as too much sodium from salty foods can lead to water retention, while potassium has the exact same problem.
4. Manage Cortisol Levels
The human body reacts to mental and physical stress by boosting cortisol production. This is both healthy and necessary – but it can become a problem when levels remain chronically high. Try to reduce your stress as much as possible, and you should see your bloating reduce.
5. Avoid Problematic Food
If you suffer from IBS, or you have problems with FODMAPs, then one of the best ways to cut down bloating is to be more cautious about what you eat. You can find a list of dangerous foods here, but often beans, dairy, garlic, broccoli, chocolate, and various other foods can pose problems.
6. Forget Natural Diuretics
Finally, there’s no real proof out there that suggests any plant or food can instantly reduce bloating. While alcohol is known to have diuretic effects, turning to booze isn’t a good way to get a better figure. Stop turning to pills and powders, and use the tips outlined above instead.

The Bottom Line

A bloated stomach can be frustrating, but the above suggestions might be able to help you overcome your issue, and regain a tight and impressive physique. As long as your bloating isn’t caused by a medical condition, you can simply:
• Make sure it’s bloating and not belly fat
• Eat enough fibre and exercise regularly
• Banish carbonated drinks and danger foods from your diet
• Reduce your stress

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