5 Ways You Can Get In Shape Using Your Body Weight

Some people are simply convinced that it’s impossible to build muscle, and lose fat with workouts that don’t involve some form of gym equipment. However, the truth is that bodyweight exercises may be a lot more effective than you think. Although you can’t add extra weight to a bodyweight workout, as you might with barbells and dumbbells – that doesn’t mean you can’t make progress in the long-term by changing your routine, adding in new exercises, or even making certain motions more difficult.

One of the best things about bodyweight weight loss programs is that you can do them anywhere, at any time! In fact, with the benefit of a personal trainer at home in London, you can access guidance through every step of your regimen, from learning new strategies to achieving weight loss goals. If you’re doing your best to cut down your expenses and maximize your budget, then avoiding a gym membership could be a great idea. Fortunately, bodyweight exercises will give you the opportunity to keep working out and achieving the results you want, without the expense. Following are some of the best ways that you can get in shape using nothing more than your own bodyweight.

1. Push-Ups

Push-ups are possibly the most popular form of bodyweight exercise out there – and are often recommended by numerous personal trainers in London. Pushups are an ideal way to work on the muscles of your chest, triceps, and shoulders, while also giving you the added benefit of working your core. Remember, when you’re performing a push-up, it’s important to keep your stomach and glutes tense at all times, ensuring that your body remains in a hard, straight line from your ankles to your head. A proper position will also mean that the core-work in this exercise is a little more challenging, thereby improving your results.

2. Single Leg Squats

Not only is this exercise a great way to work out your quads – as well as the hamstrings and glutes as you begin to get stronger and squat lower – but it’s also great to scale according to your strength level. To begin with, you may find that single leg squats are too difficult for you to accomplish – so squatting towards a higher box will shorten your range of motion and make the process easier. However, as you improve, you can adjust the box to something lower, so that your range of motion expands and the exercise becomes more difficult. Eventually, you should be able to manage a full pistol squat, where your backside touches your calves. Remember that the best way to lose weight is with a varied workout, so adding in different motions could help you discover how to reduce belly fat faster.

3. Inverted Row

A horizontal pulling exercise, the inverted row works the biceps and the back in one motion. Similarly to a push up, you need to keep your body in a straight line if you want to get the best benefits. Like with a push-up, make sure that you tense your stomach and backside at all times, and as you pull yourself forwards, and adjust your shoulder blades so that they move down and backwards. You’ll need a set of handles or a bar that you can pull yourself towards in this exercise, but anything sturdy should do – even a jungle gym!

4. Single Leg Hip Thrust

While the squatting exercise will work your quads, the hip thrust appears in many weight loss programs as a great way to target your glutes. While you’re performing this exercise, it’s important to make sure that you focus on pushing your pelvis upwards towards the ceiling, while squeezing your glutes as hard as possible. You’ll need something to lean on, such as a bench, while you move from a sitting position by bringing your pelvis upwards and holding one leg out to maintain your balance.

5. Pull-ups

A tree branch, a workout bar, or a door-frame, as long as it’s sturdy, you should be able to manage a pull-up. All you need to do for this exercise is simply pull your entire body weight upwards and hold your position for as long as possible. Obviously, this will be an incredibly difficult thing to do at first, and that’s why many people choose to use a bar that’s low enough to keep their feet on the floor and use as much leg drive as possible to begin with. Keep in mind, however, that as you get stronger, you will be able to make numerous unassisted pull-ups with relative ease.

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