5 Simple Steps for Making 2017 Your Best Fitness Year

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Now that we’re in the midst of 2017, it’s time to think carefully about what you really want to get out of this year. For most people, that means going beyond new year’s resolutions, and setting goals for both your long-term, and short-term success.

If your primary goal this year is to learn how to reduce belly fat, then we’ve got the tips you need to establish an effective workout routine and ensure you build muscle while banishing calories this year. If you need extra help with following the upcoming steps, make sure that you talk to your online personal trainer about your specific exercise ambitions.

Step 1: Do at Least 2 or 3 Bouts of Resistance Training Each Week

There’s nothing quite like resistance training when it comes to improving your body’s metabolism and composition. Resistance training helps to:

  • Reverse the signs of aging
  • Improve your immune system
  • Enhance your mental health
  • Boost your hormone profile
  • Speed up your metabolic rate
  • Build muscle
  • Burn fat

Simply put, with the help of an online personal trainer, resistance training can be the best way to transform your appearance and figure out how to reduce belly fat in no time. Remember, simply a few effective workouts a week should be enough.

Step 2: Don’t Rely Too Heavily on Cardio

Most fitness experts agree that cardio is seriously overrated. It doesn’t burn as many calories as most people think, and it’s really easy to regain the calories that are burned through your food. What’s more, the more cardio you engage in, the harder it can be to gain muscle and improve your metabolic rate. In fact, in some cases, too much cardio can actually cause you to lose muscle.

Remember, when it comes to carving out your ideal shape, you want to lose fat, and make sure that you maintain muscle. In other words, you don’t just want to reduce the n umbers that you see on the scale, as this could end up burning both fat and muscle and damaging your overall body composition.

Step 3: Don’t Starve Yourself

Many people convince themselves that they need to eat as little as possible to get the body that they want, but starvation dieting actually causes metabolic slowdown, muscle loss, hormonal imbalances, and even depression.

It’s important to make sure that you eat as much as your body needs to keep you moving and working out efficiently. A starvation diet is any diet that has you eating significantly less than the basal metabolic rate that is unique to your body. The longer that you push yourself to do this, the more likely you are to experience serious repercussions. A better solution is to use an aggressive caloric deficit, without being reckless.

Step 4: Eat Plenty of Protein

Studies show almost consistently that high-protein diets are essential when it comes to figuring out how to reduce belly fat and get the body you’ve always wanted. This makes plenty of sense when you consider the fact that muscle tissue is made up primarily of protein, so high-protein diets automatically help you to build your muscles faster and gain more strength.

Let’s examine some of the benefits of a high protein diet:

  • You’ll lose more fat and less muscle. Research shows that high-protein diets are ideal for preserving muscle and losing fat faster. What’s more, studies also indicate that high-protein diets lead to fewer periods of stress, fatigue, and mood disturbance too.
  • You’ll feel fuller. High-protein diets can help you to manage your appetite so you’re less likely to snack and eat too much during the course of your diet.
  • You’ll get stronger. Since muscle tissue is made up of protein, you’ll build more strength on a high-protein diet. This is why resistance training increases your protein needs.

Step 5: Get Plenty of Sleep

Finally, this is a step that’s often overlooked, but also one that should be recommended by your online personal trainer. 2014 saw the CDC declaring insufficient sleep to be a public health epidemic, and most people struggle to get the level of rest that they need every night.

It’s not much of a surprise that most of us can’t find the time for a good night’s sleep – particularly when we’re living hectic lives. However, it’s important to note that too little sleep can have a serious impact on both your physical and mental health. Sleep problems have been linked to everything from occupational errors to vehicle crashes, and studies even show that too little sleep can lead to weight gain and muscle loss.

Good sleep hygiene is crucial to a successful 2017.

Make the Most of your New Year

Making the most of your new year is important – after all, if you’ve seen the start of 2017 as an opportunity to develop a “new you”, then you should put as much effort as possible into crafting a future that is beneficial for your mind, and body.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you make 2017 your most successful year yet.

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