Times Magazine asked Marc about exercise for Kids.

Children, Kids and Teens – what kind of exercise should and shouldn’t they be doing to be safe?


Marc is featured as an expert Personal Trainer for Kids. Talking about childhood obesity, nutritional advice for kids and if personal training is suitable for young kids.

Additional Personal Training Services in London

Training for Weight Loss, Muscle Tone, Strength & Lean Muscle

Personal Trainer London for Weight Loss & Fat Loss

Personal Trainer London for Weight Loss & Fat Loss

Do you need a Personal Trainer or Gym Trainer to help you lose weight, get in shape and keep the fat off?

With your Personal Trainer in London, Marc Dressen, you can easily achieve weight loss and fat loss with Marc’s unique Personal Training Plan.  Marc specifically targets the key areas that are stopping you from losing weight.  Do you:

  • Don’t know what exercise to do to help with your weight loss
  • Unsure of where to start and how to lose weight
  • No motivation or will to exercise
  • Fear that you will look silly doing exercise
  • Bored of exercise
  • Procrastination
  • Always doing cardiovascular exercise but not getting the weight loss results
  • Reached a plateau 
  • Walk a lot but still not losing weight
  • Used to be slim but put the weight on over the years
  • Going to Zumba, Spinning or other classes but not losing the fat
  • Have belly fat, cellulite, floppy arms, and high body fat

Your Personal Trainer London, Marc Dressen will design a bespoke weight loss program specifically to meet your fat loss requirements.  Get your free consultation with Marc, discuss your ideal goal body and start realising your weight loss goals as quickly as possible. 

The Ultimate Weight Loss & Diet Plan, with Personal Trainer in London UK – Marc Dressen

Imagine how life would be if you had the body you always wanted? Top Personal Trainer London, Marc Dressen has created a Weight Loss And Fat Loss Training Plan to help you achieve the results you always dreamed of.  When you sign up with Personal Trainer London, Marc Dressen, you will:

  • Lose fat 
  • Achieve weight loss
  • Lose inches 
  • Slim down
  • Drop a dress size or 3!
  • Feel lighter on your feet 
  • Become healthier
  • Enjoy exercise
  • Combat stress
  • Have lots of fun
  • Average 10kg weight loss per client!
  • Average 3 dress sizes dropped per client!

Personal Trainer London for Muscle Tone

Personal Trainer London for Muscle Tone

Do you want defined muscle tone?  

If you really want to lose the wobble, flab and fat around your legs, arms, hips and stomach area then Personal Trainer in London UK, Marc Dressen is here to specifically help you through his results-driven muscle toning personal training plan.  With this muscle toning training plan you will trim down, lose the wobble and get sleek, toned muscle.  And no, you won’t walk out looking like a body builder!  This program is not about building massive huge muscles, this program is about getting lean, losing the flab and getting that ever so slight yet defined tone in your body.  With Personal Trainer London, Marc helps you get:

  • Muscle tone and definition in your arms
  • Defined and toned buttocks
  • Trim, lean and toned legs and thighs
  • Sleek, toned and defined stomach abs
  • Flat stomach
  • Fast toning results with the most efficient muscle toning workouts
  • Anatomy and Physiology know how

London Personal Trainer, Marc will design the muscle toning personal training plan around your goals and ideal body shape and tone.  The Muscle Toning Personal Training Program is suitable for most ages from teenager to young adult right the way through to seniors.

Personal Trainer London for Strength Training & Lean Muscle

Personal Fitness Trainer for Strength Training, Weights, Resistance Bands, Build Muscle, Bulk Up 

How to gain weight? Do you want to build muscle and strength but have no idea where to start or what it involves? Marc is one off the Most Recommended Personal Trainers London has to offer and he is here to help.

Personal Trainers in the area around London, such as Marc Dressen’s Personal Training for Strength Training and Muscle Building can help people just like you to achieve results safe and fast.  If you can relate to the following, then you need Marc Dressen, the Personal Trainer London:

  • Don’t know what to do and where to start to build muscle
  • Fairly skinny and want to get bigger and bulk up
  • Want to build tone, strength and bulk
  • Feel shy or embarrassed at the gym
  • Want a clear structured bulk up and muscle building plan 
  • Don’t know what to eat and when to help you gain muscle 
  • How to bulk up fast – without getting fat

Don’t waste more time trying to achieve results by yourself through YouTube and other online programs – if the advise online hasn’t worked for you yet, why will is work for you tomorrow?  Personal Trainer London, Marc Dressen is a Sports Scientist MSc from German’s top Sports University as well as a Personal Trainer. Marc has undergone a thorough personal training and sports education on what works and what does not work!  Through the personal training sessions in London, Marc shares valuable information whilst guiding you through a proper regimented muscle gaining workout and eating plan.  Your Personal Trainer London, Marc trains people at Baker Street in London and at other locations upon special requests. Contact the Personal Trainer in London who gets results, fast!

Training for Improving Posture, Rehabilitation & Children

Personal Trainer London for Posture & Flexibility

Personal Trainers in the area for Posture & Flexibility

Wondering how to improve posture? How to become more flexible? Personal Trainer London, Marc Dressen is here to help you improve your posture and flexibility.

Renowned Personal Trainer London for Posture, Coordination and Flexibility, Marc Dressen is a London based specialist helping people to transform their posture and manage lower back pain through exercise. Contact Personal Trainer London, Marc Dressen if you have:

  • Slumped poor posture
  • Limited range of movement
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Lack of co-ordination
  • Poor flexibility and mobility in movements

Your Personal Trainer London, Marc is a professionally certified Exercise for Lower Back Pain specialist and sees clients at his gym in Baker Street London and at home upon specials request.  With Personal Trainer London you can improve your fitness levels, get rid of fat and improve your posture, strength and mobility at the same time!

Personal Trainer London for Rehabilitation, Diabetes, Back Pain

Personal Trainer London for Rehabilitation, Diabetes, Back Pain  

Are your looking for a Personal Trainer in London who can help with rehabilitation and who has experience with training clients with Diabetes and/or back pain?

Marc Dressen is a Private Fitness Trainer who is experienced in working with those who have Diabetes, Back Pain, and require Rehabilitation.  Marc works alongside your physiotherapist and doctor to aid the healing process and build strength, flexibility and co-ordination at a smooth pace providing the correct amount of support and challenge.  London based Personal Trainer, Marc has helped people who have just been discharged from hospital following major surgery as well as those with long term body pains and ailments.  In Marc’s personal training for rehabilitation program you can expect to:

  • Regain confidence in movement
  • Do the right exercises for you 
  • Increase stability and balance
  • Improve strength, co-ordination and flexibility

Find out how Marc’s Personal Training for Rehabilitation can help you achieve more freedom and comfort. Call 02032397988 or email info@marcdressen.com for more information.

Personal Trainer London for Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 & High Blood Sugar

The health & fitness training plan for those with Diabetes type 1, Diabetes Type 2 and high blood sugar levels.

Marc Dressen is a Gym Trainer in London who works alongside your doctor, GP and therapist to help you become more active at a supportive yet challenging pace.  Personal Trainer London, Marc has helped many people with Type 2 and Type 1 Diabetes become fitter and more active in line with prescribed guidelines.  In Marc’s personal training for Diabetes program you can expect to:

  • Get more active
  • Do the right exercises for you
  • Increase stability and balance
  • Improve strength, co-ordination and flexibility
  • Lose weight and increase muscle tone

Find out how Marc’s Personal Training for Diabetes can help you become more active. Call 02032397988 or email info@marcdressen.com for more information.

Personal Trainer London for Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Back Support & Slip Disc

How to get rid of lower back pain? L4 or L5? Nerve pain?

Marc is one of a a very few Personal Trainers in London who is certified in exercise for the Management of Lower Back Pain Level 4.  Through Personal Training, Marc can help you to increase mobility, freedom and temporary relief.  Marc will teach and guide you through a number of back pain relief exercises that you can also do at home. 

  • Increase mobility
  • Back stretches
  • Sciatica exercises
  • Learn how to manage your back pain through specific exercises
  • Feel temporary relief from pain
  • Train and tone muscles to help improve posture 

Previous clients have experienced temporary relief in general back pain, learnt how to manage pain and have ultimately improved their posture and muscle tone for lasting results.  Find out how Personal Fitness Trainer, Marc can help you manage lower back pain through exercise.

Personal Trainer London for Teenager, Kids & Child

Personal Trainer London for Teenager, Children, Child Obesity, Kids Fitness & Weight Loss

Do you want to introduce your child or teenager to a fun, action based fitness regime, where they actually enjoy fitness?  Personal Trainer, Marc is here to help, he has made fitness and weight loss fun for thousands of children and teenagers across the world. 

Marc Dressen trains Teenagers and Children for weight loss and fitness. Marc has trained thousands and thousands of teenagers and children from all over Europe.  Marc is a CRB checked Martial Arts Gold Medalist and a professional certified personal trainer in Central London, his private PT Studio is next to Marble Arch Station.  Marc can help:

  • Engaging exercise / activities for teenagers and children
  • Weight loss for over weight to obese teenagers, kids and children
  • TaeKwonDo / Martial Arts classes either private tuition or group classes
  • Coaching teenagers, kids and children to develop focus, control, respect, concentration and discipline
  • Fun and friendly workouts that teenagers and children will enjoy 

If your teenager, kid or child needs to lose weight, move more, or develop other interests then Marc’s specific Personal Training plan for teenagers, kids and children will help to make sure your goals are met.

Get Fit for the Wedding Day, TV Show, Fotoshoot & Holiday

Personal Trainer London for Wedding & Events

Personal Trainer London for Weddings and getting in shape before your wedding day

Are you on a wedding diet? Are you getting married soon and want to lose weight for your wedding day?

Marc Dressen, Personal Trainer in London has helped many people get in to shape and lose fat before their wedding day, so don’t despair with Marc’s specific Lose Weight Before My Wedding Package™ you can:

  • Drop a few dress sizes before your wedding day
  • Get rid of belly fat before your wedding
  • Get toned arms and legs for your wedding
  • Get slim quickly before your wedding
  • Look great and feel good on your wedding day
  • Get a flat stomach before your wedding day
  • Get rid of cellulite before your wedding day

The Lose Weight Before My Wedding Package™ is completely designed around your needs, just let your Personal Trainer London, Marc know what your goals are and he will develop a plan to help you reach your goals in time for your wedding day.  Personal Trainer, Marc has helped people in the past in as little as a few weeks and has trained both the groom and bride to be, sometimes in ‘couple’ sessions.  Don’t sit around hoping that the fat will just go away – contact Marc Dressen, Personal Trainer London today for your free consultation and find out how you can get the body you want in no time. Call 02032397988 or email info@marcdressen.com for more information.

Personal Trainer For Special Events, Engagement, Anniversaries & Birthdays

Do you have a special event coming up, an engagement, anniversary, birthday or celebration and want to lose weight fast? Personal Trainer London, Marc Dressen is here to help you.

Call me and take advantage of a free consultation to discuss your requirements and time frames.  Marc has helped many people to lose weight fast and keep it off.

Personal Trainer London for Celebrity & Corporate

Private Fitness Trainer for Celebrity Weight Loss

How do celebrities lose weight? Personal Training Expert, Marc Dressen has trained celebrities across Europe getting them ready for movies, events and the red carpet!

Celebrity Personal Trainer Marc Dressen in London has trained actors, singers, presenters, high profile individuals and has appeared on numerous television shows and performed and choreographed many global fitness and Martial Arts events.  Marc offers the following personal training services to the media industry:

  • Celebrity Personal Training for actors, singers, presenters, models, 
  • Martial Arts performance, choreography and training for movies and actors.
  • Expert comment on television, radio and press on the latest fitness trends
  • Weight loss or muscle gain for celebrities

Personal Trainer London for Corporate Fitness Events, Company Workshops & Seminars

Organising Fitness, Health and Well-being Seminars? Planning a fitness day out or motivation day for you team?

Personal Trainer London, Marc Dressen offers a variety of packages and one off programs for corporate clients who wish to add fitness as part of their corporate well being strategy.  Personal Trainer, Marc is available to:

  • Run fitness workshop(s) and seminars 
  • Team Building workshops and seminars
  • Corporate fitness boot camps / training
  • Deliver informative speeches /presentations on health & fitness
  • Create a personal training package for C-Level executives and Senior Management
  • Create a bespoke fitness day in line with corporate well-being days

Personal Training for Taekwondo & Martial Arts London

Taekwondo & Martial Arts Training London 

Gold Medalist, Marc Dressen London’s Best TaeKwonDo Trainer is teaching Taekwondo classes and Martial Arts classes for Adults, Teenagers and Children, in small group classes and one to one training in London.

Marc is a Taekwondo and Martial Arts Trainer in London.  He has won numerous competitions for Taekwondo and extreme Martial Arts and is also a European Martial Arts Gold Medallist.  Marc has taught thousands of adults, children and teenagers the art of Taekwondo.  Having being commissioned by high profile individuals from around the world to perform and teach Taekwondo, Marc now teaches private and group Taekwondo lessons in London Marylebone, Kennsington & Marble Arch from absolute beginner to advanced level.  Marc is an experienced fitness, Taekwondo and Martial Arts trainer:

  • Martial Arts London: Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Freestyle & Extreme Martial Arts
  • Children’s Group TaeKwonDo Classes in Baker Street London
  • Children’s Private TaeKwonDo Classes in Baker Street London or at home
  • Teenager TaeKwonDo Classes in Baker Street London or at home
  • Adult Private TaeKwonDo Classes in Baker Street London or at home
  • Traditional TaeKwonDo London
  • Performance based Martial Arts for shows, show acts, television and events

Marc also specializes in performance based Martial Arts for shows, show acts, performers for television and events.  If you want your child or teenager to learn discipline, patience and strength in character then Marc’s TaeKwonDo London training is a must.   Through Marc’s London TaeKwonDo Children’s Group Training, Parents are astonished at the level of concentration, focus and discipline their child or teenager develops.  If your child or teenager is a budding actor or performer, Marc can devise a special Performance based TaeKwonDo plan.  In the past, Marc has helped many show acts get on stage, on TV and win national TV competitions similar to Britain’s Got Talent.  Marc is currently putting together a group of new students who will be the next show team.

Personal Training at Home

Personal Trainer At Home, Fitness Trainer At Home

Do you want to Exercise and Train at home? Personal Trainer London, Marc Dressen regularly trains people at home, in Hotels and work.

Marc Dressen, probably the best Personal Trainer in London offers his full range of personal training services to clients at their home or place of work.  Are you:

  • Unable to attend the gym or just too busy
  • Prefer training in the comfort of your home
  • Want privacy whilst training
  • Need a personal trainer at short notice
  • Need a personal trainer at home due to ad hoc schedule
  • Want more convenience 

Marc trains many clients including celebrities, high profile individuals and many other people who want to train in comfortable and familiar surroundings.  Imagine how it would be if you could have the convenience and privacy of training at home.

Personal Trainer Who Travels Overseas?

Do you need a Personal Trainer who travels with you to your overseas destinations and travel engagements?

Marc offers his full range of personal training services to clients who travel overseas.  In the past, Marc has accompanied many high profile individuals and celebrities during their work trips abroad.  Marc is professional, discrete and ensures that clients stay on track with their fitness and health goals no matter what else is going on.

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